Exclusive Preview: He-Man and The Masters of The Universe # 19

The battle for Eternia is nearing a tipping point. He-Man’s sister, She-ra has finally emerged… but a larger conflict is brewing. And The Eternity War is about to begin.

For the final issue of DC’s He-Man and The Masters of The Universe, Rob David, the Head Writer for Mattel’s Masters of the Universe franchise, sows the seeds of The Eternity War with a flashback to the early years of Prince Adam before he became He-Man. And in this exclusive preview from He-Man and The Masters of The Universe # 19, David shows Adam’s first kiss and the rebellion of his evil uncle, Keldor, the man who would become Skeletor.







Guest artist Tom Derenick joins David in He-Man and The Masters of The Universe # 19; which will be out this Wednesday, November 26.

The next stage in the franchise will begin in December, with the release of Masters of The Universe: The Eternity War # 1 by the returning creative team of Dan Abnett, and artist Pop Mhan.