14 Completely Forgettable Movies from 2014


The end of the year is fast approaching, and so once again we here at the CraveOnline Film Channel are looking back at the year that was. 2014 has been a fascinating year for motion pictures, and saw the release of instant classics, challenging art films, thoroughly enjoyable blockbusters and absolute turds. Those are the films we will never forget. For better or worse.

But what of the OTHER movies from 2014? The movies that made no impression whatsoever, and already seem doomed to be a footnote in the dusty tomes of history? If the mark of a great movie or even a terrible one is that it sticks in your memory as an experience that was worthwhile, or that made you want to stab yourself in the eyes, then what are we to say about the films that – before 2014 is even over – we had to struggle to even remember?

Although every movie is probably somebody’s favorite, it’s important to remember that most films slip through the cracks of popular culture, or even counterculture. Time is, as we have often said, the only critic that matters. As film critics we have a responsibility to watch every damn movie we can and try to keep the best ones alive long enough to find an audience, and try to perpetuate critical discourse about the ones that linger but perhaps aren’t as good as we like to think they are. But not every film gets the full treatment, because not every film makes an impression.

As such, here are 14 films from 2014 that we have already forgotten ever existed, whether we liked them at the time or thought they sucked. With this article, we bid these movies adieu, because we’ll probably never talk about most of them ever again. Not because they were the worst movies of the year (at least, not necessarily), but because – just a few months later – our memories have already decided to delete them.


14 Completely Forgettable Movies from 2014:


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