19 Seriously Underrated Sports Movies

The Greatest Game Ever Played Underrated Sports Movies 


Everyone loves a good sports movie. The problem is that everyone seems to love the same sports movies over and over again. The Longest YardHoosiersBull DurhamRockySlapshot and all the rest of their iconic ilk are still undisputed classics, but what are audiences to do when they run out of the old standbys? Or when that new wrestling movie with Channing Tatum turns out to be a chilling psychodrama instead of a feel-good underdog tale? 

You turn to the underrated sports movies, obviously. But figuring out which of the many unsung sports movies are genuinely underrated, and which have earned their place amongst the forgotten, can be a real chore. It always sucks to rent a movie you were hoping would be another Bad News Bears only to find out it’s just a lame old Kicking and Screaming


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As always, CraveOnline has your back. We’ve assembled 19 of our favorite underrated sports movies – lovable heartwarmers, esoteric art movies, dopey comedies, gritty dramas, historical oddities and enjoyably hackneyed formula flicks – to help spread the good word about just how many “other” great sports movies there are out there. Or at least, how many fun ones are lying around the dusty store shelves and disused corners of the internet.

Did we leave out any of your favorite underrated sports movies? Let us know what we missed in the comments below. We’re always looking for good movie recommendations too.


19 Underrated Sports Movies:


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