Game Seven Win Over Royals Gives Giants Third World Series In Only Five Years


In case you missed it, the Kansas City Royals valiantly struggled against the San Francisco Giants in a failed attempt at keep them from picking up their third World Series championship title in only half a decade.

The last possible game of the best-of-seven fall classic led to a close win for San Francisco, with a couple of close calls (one of them a brilliant double play) giving them the edge that helped them hold on, 3-2. Celebration after their win was possibly a little too enthusiastic over in Northern California, as approximately forty people were arrested and two shootings occurred. 

For Kansas City fans, game seven was a big surprise and letdown after game six, which the Royals won in a 10-0 blowout. The entire series was a roller coaster, with high scoring games causing huge swings in emotions and momentum; It seems fitting that it all wound down to a nail-biter finish Wednesday night. 

Do you think the Kansas City Royals will make it to the World Series again soon?

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Photo: Getty