Fox Revisits The Lost Boys In ‘League of Pan’

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In its neverending search for pre-established brands, Fox has turned its sights to Neverland.

According to Deadline, Fox has given a script commitment to “League of Pan,” a new drama project that acts as a sequel of sorts to J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. As conceived by screenwriter Brian McCauley Johnson, “League of Pan” takes place in modern day Los Angeles 15 years after the Lost Boys left Neverland. Although the former Lost Boys are now men who are estranged from each other, they are forced to reunite when they realize that someone is murdering them one at a time.

In most of the Peter Pan adaptations, the Lost Boys stay in Neverland with Peter. But “League of Pan” is taking its inspiration from the original story, in which the Lost Boys traveled back with the Darling children.

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TV veteran Andrew Miller (“The Secret Circle”) has been brought in to write the new pilot script for “League of Pan,” after Johnson’s script failed to get a pilot order two seasons ago. Johnson will remain with the project as an executive producer.

Don’t be too shocked if more Peter Pan inspired TV shows pop up at the other broadcast networks. NBC already has a comedy series called “Wendy And Peter” in development. That’s in addition to NBC’s upcoming Peter Pan Live!, which will be a live broadcast of the Peter Pan broadway musical.