Exclusive Preview: Smallville: Continuity Chapter # 9

The threats are growing in the Smallville universe. Smallville: Continuity is wrapping up Smallville Season 11 with a bang… and a Crisis.

In this exclusive preview from this week’s Smallville: Continuity Chapter # 9, we see Clark Kent aka Superman on the verge of losing the key events in his life that shaped him into the hero that he has become. Elsewhere, Lois Lane senses the danger to Clark while desperately attempting to get her cousin, Chloe and her unborn child to safety.

The solicitations for this chapter also promise a spotlight on Barbara Gordon aka Nightwing as she takes on the Manhunters.

Writer Bryan Q. Miller and artist Ig Guara continue their epic in Smallville: Continuity Chapter # 9, which will be released online through digital outlets on Friday, October 24.


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