Today’s PG-13 Films Would Have Been Rated R Years Ago, Desensitization Of MPAA To Blame

Many parents and conscientious moviegoers rely on MPAA ratings to determine whether or not a film is wholesome enough to warrant a visit to the theater or the purchase of a DVD/Blu-ray. What many people don’t know is, over time, the people that work for the MPAA are themselves getting desensitized, so the ratings slapped onto the backs of jewel cases and in trailers may not be wholly accurate in comparison with their work in the years leading up to that point.

This could be considered as a problem for many parents and more sensitive lovers of cinema, because while they may not have necessarily been desensitized over the years, the PG film they’re about to go see with their 4 year-old may very well actually slip into the PG-13 realm.

Now, one might say that MPAA reviewers are just moving forward with societal progress, but another might say that standards are dropping and their sensitivities are being forcefully adjusted by a desensitized industry. This begs the question:

Is their really a point to the MPAA rating system? 

If it simply evolves along with moviegoers, what will a G-rated film in twenty years look like in comparison to a PG-13-rated film of today?

For more of the story on this ever-changing subject, head on over to Cinema Blend.


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