Exclusive New York Comic Con Video Interview: Dan Slott on Spider-Man & Silver Surfer

Comic Cons are always a hectic experience. But this year’s New York Comic-Con took it to another level.

CraveOnline’s Iann Robinson spent a long time tracking down comics scribe Dan Slott at NYCC. And when he finally found Slott backstage at the Marvel booth, it happened at right about the same time that the Daredevil TV signing was supposed to begin. So even when they were supposed to be alone, Slott and Robinson had to deal with several Marvel staffers racing back and forth in front of them.

But once things calmed down, Slott reflected on his experiences writing Superior Spider-Man and explained why he’s turned Black Cat back towards villainy. Slott also teases the long term direction for Amazing Spider-Man now that Peter Parker is back in control of his own body. And it sounds like the Parker luck is about to strike again.

On a happier note, Slott also spoke about his Silver Surfer monthly series, including the way that Mike Allred was chosen as the artist and what’s going to happen when the Surfer’s human companion, Dawn Greenwood finally meets Galactus.


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