Best NFL Football Stadiums According To Yelp

Yelp reviewers rated just about everything from the DMV to the hottest mac n’ cheese food truck. They even rate and review football stadiums! It is interesting to see how each fanbase ranks their own stadium (since most reviews will be internal). It is no real surprise to see the holy land of Lambeau and fan-centric stadiums in KC and Seattle rank so high. The big surprise is how the newest stadium in San Francisco is ranked so low.

Below are the stadiums ranked by average score and a great quote from one of the reviewers.

Super Bowl Tier

1. Packers – Lambeau Field 4.86

Only 2 reviews of 3-stars or less!

Darren P. – “Lambeau Field is the mecca of NFL football. It has that unexplainable aura to it that I’ve only see two other places: old Yankee Stadium and the Montreal Forum.

2. Colts – Lucas Oil Stadium 4.46

Multiple Reviews – “This stadium has very comfortable seats. Most of the seats have a cushion back and bottom.”

Hall of Fame Tier

3. Steelers – Heinz Field 4.28

Keith C. – “The beers are expensive but if you were tailgating properly, you should be pretty loaded by the time you get inside. They also have Primanti Brothers inside too which is awesome.”

4. Seahawks – CenturyLink Field 4.26

Phillip B. – “What’s really great is that the teams listen to their fans and usually accommodate what they want in the stadium. Local craft beer, local foods, etc.”

5. Chiefs – Arrowhead Stadium 4.2

Ben K. – “Arrowhead Stadium is an awesome place to catch a game. I … impressed at how loud it was and how much the atmosphere felt like a college game.”

6. Broncos – Sports Authority Field 4.17

Sara B. – “Tailgating here is some of the best that I have experienced, and I have never had a bad seat in the house.”

All-Pro Tier

7. Saints – Mercedes-Benz Superdome 4.11

Sam A. – “You know – before heading down to New Orleans, my dad pissed and moaned about how bad this stadium was, how bad the seats were, it was a dump, yadda yadda yadda… Well to my surprise, it was very clean, MOST of the fans were really cool and inviting and didn’t give us too much grief for being 49ers fans.”

8. Lions – Ford Field 4.05

Ashley W – “The drinks were cheaper outside the stadium (how cool is the fan zone?). I’m used to overpriced stadium food but the food here was totally worth it! $10 for fully loaded chicken nachos?! I’ll take it!”

9. Cowboys – AT&T Stadium 4.04

Joe W. – “Every bit of the 1.2 Billion that Jerry spent on it.  Probably one of the most magnificent structures for sports that I’ve been around.  From the art work, that you would actually probably see in a museum than in a football stadium, to the HOF level, and suites.  Everything just top shelf.”

10. Cardinals – University of Phoenix Stadium 3.96

Teri W. – “It still seems shiny and new, although it’s quite a few years old.  I just prefer my stadiums to have more history. This is just a big, new space with artificial air.”

11. Panthers – Bank of America Stadium 3.92

Maria B. – “Very nice to me as a first timer here at the stadium. I checked in at guest relations and got a pin to wear.”

12. Ravens – M&T Bank Stadium 3.92

Adam D. – “Ravens fan or not, I highly recommend going through the “Ravens Walk” before the game. There’s plenty of food, drinks, music and fun going on before kickoff.”

13. Jaguars – EverBank Field 3.91

Bob G. – “This stadium is pretty nice, but there were tons of empty seats at the Jags game I went to. Yes, I know that should have much to do with the stadium, but it’s hard to really enjoy a place when it’s so dead.”

Starter Tier

14. Buccaneers – Raymond James Stadium 3.80

Steve B. – “Maybe the pirate ship is a deflection on how average this stadium really is.”

15. Bears – Soldier Field 3.76

Tavi J. – “I do think the Space between seats could be wider, but all in all a great place for Chicagoans (okay will [sic] let others come show their Chicago pride.”

16. Titans – LP Field 3.74

Alyssa G. – “There are so many bars literally right next to LP Field for the best pre-gaming experience of your life! You meet so many people from all over and everyone in town is wearing their team colors for game day! It was out of this world!”

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17. Patriots – Gillette Stadium 3.66

Qanelle J. –  “The stadium is just a little far from the city and the roads are just 2 laners so there’s a lot of traffic.”

18. Eagles – Lincoln Financial Field 3.65

Wise M. – “The best stadium in the NFL. No bad seats at all. Even though I’m in the parking lot tailgating.”

 Bench Tier

19. Falcons – Georgia Dome 3.61

Timmy C. – “The Georgia Dome isn’t a dump but its not a cupcake either. I for one hate watching any type of sporting event in a dome, especially football.”

20. Texans – NRG Stadium 3.54

Jon H. – “Tailgating… it’s okay but definitely not one of the better tailgating experiences in the NFL.”

21. Bengals – Paul Brown Stadium 3.43

Steve R. – “The concessions were so 1970’s it was pathetic. Many stadiums today have phenomenal, tasty, healthy, choices.  PBS offered, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza… Basically junk food.”

22. Giants/Jets – MetLife Stadium 3.40

Brett N. – “I just hate how un-team centric this venue is. The walls are plain and barren of team spirit… not unlike the new Yankee stadium. Let’s celebrate and acknowledge the teams that play here fellas who run this facility, ey?”

23. Browns – FirstEnergy Stadium 3.39

Allison K. – “And buy your booze before the start of the 4th quarter when they cut you off. Watch people steal peanuts while they aren’t looking while u wait in line.”

Penalty Flag Tier

24. Bills – Ralph Wilson Stadium 3.35

Mark H. – “The stadium itself is terrible.  Nothing good to say about it.  It is old, outdated, over crowded, dirty and feels… sad.”

25. Rams – Edward Jones Dome 3.31 

Adele S. – “Great improvement since last year. Suddenly, they have wheelchairs for the elderly and decrepit, as well as an elevator! I still didn’t care for the usher who insisted we had to sit in the exact seats we were issued, in an empty section with 5 empty seats, we were all separated, as were the other handicapped people who came later on.”

26. Raiders – Coliseum 3.20

Mike G. – Myth: “Violent fans.  … in Oakland, they may dress up as Darth Vader or a Gorilla or Barbarian with spikes on the shoulders — but those are costumes, not gang members looking for a fight.   As long as you are not “in someone’s face”, this is a safe place to take your family.”

27. Dolphins – Sun Life Stadium 3.19

Sharon W. – “I’ve paid more money to get treated like dirt at some South Beach establishments, so at least they are smiling when they reach into your wallet.”

Roger Goodell Suspension Tier

28. Chargers – Qualcomm Stadium 2.91

Nick C. – “The boring concrete walls, concrete ground, and concrete ceiling are really not appealing at all. The seats are extremely uncomfortable.”

29. 49ers – Levi’s Stadium 2.90 (pictured above)

Nino M. – “This place was hot ass hell!  There is inadequate shading for the fans.  People were flocking every shaded area there is.  Some even had arguments with attendants, because the attendants want people to get back to their seat, while we were fighting from getting burned.”

30. Washington – FedEx Field 2.50

Col S. – [In] addition, to make extra revenue the stadium added additional seats in the 200 section that are blocked. Before purchasing any seats in the 200 section make absolutely sure they aren’t blocked.

Sounds like Dan Snyder needs a new stadium to match his new name and logo in D.C.

 Brian Reddoch is a CraveOnline reporter and rabid fan of all teams Seattle. You can follow him on Twitter @ReddReddoch or “like” CraveOnline Sportson Facebook

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