New York Comic Con 2014: Marvel’s Death of Wolverine Panel Report

This Wednesday, the X-Men and Avengers icon, Wolverine will bite the big one in the final issue of The Death of Wolverine miniseries. And while Marvel would love to convince us that Logan will be gone forever, the company is using his demise as a springboard for several new comics.

At New York Comic Con, Marvel presented a panel for The Death of Wolverine with Brian Michael Bendis, Charles Soule, Peter David, Greg Pak and Gerry Duggan. Marvel editors Mike Marts, Jordan White and Katie Kubert were also on hand as the company announced its newest ongoing series: Wolverines.

Team Stabby

Soule will headline Wolverines alongside Ray Fawkes and artist Nick Bradshaw. The story will spin out of the upcoming Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy as X-23, Sabretooth, Daken and Mystique find themselves forced to work as a team to survive, although Soule was quick to note that they are not actually a team. He cited Warren Ellis’ Nextwave as an influence on the book and promised that Fin Fang Foom will appear in Wolverines.

Wolverines 1 cover

Keeping busy with his new Marvel exclusive, Soule will also write a new comic called Weapon X Program; which will follow five new characters who had ties to Logan. Soule called the new characters “lab rats” as opposed to super soldiers or superheroes.

Meanwhile, regular Deadpool writer Duggan will take a more lighthearted approach to Wolverine’s death in the upcoming Captain America/Deadpool one-shot. Pak will deal with Storm’s grief for Wolverine in a new storyline in her own comic, as Storm finds some unfinished business from Wolverine’s life that she now has to deal with.

While Bendis is not directly involved with the Death of Wolverine event, he did tease that not every member of the All-New X-Men will come home from their adventure in the Ultimate universe. Bendis also hinted that some members of his Uncanny X-Men cast may leave the team in the near future.

David also lacked involvement with the Death of Wolverine, but he plugged upcoming issues of All-New X-Factor and his new miniseries, Deadpool’s Art of War; which finds Deadpool attempting to use The Art of War as a survival guide in a world at war… and naturally, the war was his fault.

White spoke briefly about another Deadpool miniseries with an intriguing premise. In Return of the Living Deadpool, any zombie who eats Deadpool becomes Deadpool, leaving the world overrun by Deadpools.

Return of The Living Deadpool