Agro Stalker Targeted Comedian Jamie Dunn

Comedian Jamie Dunn has recalled the time he and puppet mate Agro dealt with an aggressive stalker.

Agro’s abrasive rise to prominence as a 90s Channel 7 television celebrity and stints as a Brisbane radio star soured one individual to the point where she felt Dunn had to pay for his fame.

The Logie winner was overwhelmed by a “tsunami” of emails and Facebook messages, revealed by Current Affair in Tuesday’s nation-stopping one-on-one interview.

“You have no control over it. It’s like an earthquake. If you’ve been through an earthquake, everything around you moves and all of a sudden you go, ‘I have no control over this’,” said Dunn in the Current Affair interview, which disappointingly did not feature comment from Agro.

“I truly hardly know this person. I’ve been in the same room three or four times, one was a coffee shop, doing business, one was her as a photographer,” he said of the stalker.

“For the first year it started as abusive and you know, sort of just name calling and occasionally quoting my children.”

The threats reached bomb threat level after he cut contact with the alleged stalker, a journalist and a mother.

“When someone’s gone to the trouble of cutting out certain words and sticking them to a piece of paper and then jamming it in your letterbox, two or three things go through your mind.”

“One’s they’ve had a sharp implement, two they know exactly where you live, three they’ve been to where you live and four, are they watching you now?”

Dunn said he didn’t originally want to bother the police, but was forced to after the threats began to target family and friends.

The stalker in question will face court in January, however Dunn wasn’t able to confirm whether Agro would be available to provide evidence.

“I would love to see Agro turn up in court,” said Dunn, laughing.

“Agro only ever got great letters from kids. And maybe I’m old fashioned, but I just liked it that way.”

Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images


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