Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Helps Build Ebola Clinic Near Liberian Capital

A Liberian immigrant, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali fled his home country at the age of ten and came to the United States to join his father. Liberia was embroiled in civil war at the time, so a life in the United States made sense for Tamba, and what a life it’s been.

Now a star in the NFL, he’s fairly well off. Upon hearing of the Ebola outbreak in his home country, he decided to assist in funding and construction of an Ebola clinic that will have the ability and the resources to care for or treat seventy patients at a time.

With thousands of deaths already occurring in Africa from Ebola, it’s fortunate that Hali is reacting as quickly as he is; the need for care is great.

For a full statement and more from Tamba Hali, head on over to NESN.


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