This Is What FSU QB Jameis Winston Did To Get Suspended

Citadel v Florida State

Jameis Winston was suspended Wednesday for one-half of his upcoming game against Clemson this weekend after, “shouting a lewd remark in a public space about a sexual act with a woman,” regarding a popular internet meme.

So what the heck did he say? What was this all about? 

The worst contrived, juvenile and repugnant hoax in the history of the internet, that I will never fully understand. 

This is one of the original fake ‘news’ videos, that wants you to believe this reporter got caught saying the following on-camera while on the air:

Warning: this is not safe for work and contains graphic language.

There’s a slew of these videos that are supposedly traced back to a guy named John Cain, who is — according to reports — the ‘reporter’ in the video above. Unfortunately, because kids will be kids and drunks will be drunks, there are people that have tried — and succeeded in some cases — to make this meme a reality, which of course is a live-reporter’s worst nightmare. You can see one ‘reel’ here; you try to decipher which shots are real and which are fake. 

And you guessed it. Mimicking the video above, the now infamous lines from the ‘fired reporter’ you just watched is what was repeated multiple times by ‘famous Jameis’ Wednesday on campus. 

Winston is evidently a classy guy. Not only is he still facing allegations that he raped a co-ed and was already busted on theft, but according to Florida State students, it sounds like he was yelling this aforementioned meme over and over again like a madman.

Clemson is arguably FSU’s biggest game of the year; anyone else and Winston is suspended at least the entire game. One-half suspension for these shenanigans? Although shenanigans, laughable.

I’ll tell you one thing — in all the surrounding unprecedented NFL news that’s broke the past two weeks, the American culture is changing, and with it, forcing the NFL’s. It doesn’t matter how many Heisman Trophies you hold, Jameis. If NFL executives can’t have confidence you’ll stay out of trouble, they won’t draft you. 

I can feel Winston’s draft stock falling by the second from the west coast. 

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.

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