Captain Jean-Luc Picard Makes An Afflicted Young Trekkie’s Dream Come True


Dawn Garrigus is a very sick young girl. She’s from Georgia, and she’s got mitochondrial disease. But that’s not how she chooses to identify herself. She’s an avid Trekkie.

Through the Make-A-Wish foundation, Dawn wanted to attend Dragon Con, where she’d be able to observe a Star Trek: The Next Generation panel. In particular, she is very fond of Patrick Stewart and his character, Captain Jean-Luc-Picard.

She was very surprised when Sir Patrick caught wind of her request and showed up to have a private one-on-one with her. Smiles, hugs, and autographs were shared and given, and Dawn got some alone time with her idol to have a private chat, which I’m sure will remain in her heart as a fond memory for the rest of her days.

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