Columbia College President Challenges Students To ‘Madden’ For A Chance At Free Books


We all know sports and video games go hand in hand at colleges and universities. Many an hour is spent at the stadium, or with either controller or remote in hand, whether it’s to watch the game, or to play it.

The president of Columbia College (Columbia, Mo.), Scott Dalrymple, is organizing a tournament of sorts that will result in the winner getting to take him on for a chance to win free text books. Many may scoff at a college president catering to a “time-waster” like video games, but when examining the cost of text books these days, playing some Madden to reduce your already growing pile of debt might turn into a very welcoming opportunity.

Scott was quoted as saying that challengers can choose any team they want, but he will only use the Buffalo Bills. Apparently (according to Dalrymple) they’re the greatest team in the history of professional sports.

Here’s the video of the college president’s challenge:

A shout out goes to NESN for this story.

Do you feel that college sports and video games are contributors or detractors to the overall higher education experience?