TIFF VIDEO: Marton Czokas on ‘The Equalizer’

TIFF 2014: Marton Csokas on his new film “The… by CraveOnline

Marton Czokas does good villain. You may remember his malevolent turns in films like The Amazing Spider-Man 2Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and xXx. But he’s finally met his match in The Equalizer, the new adaptation of the hit 1980s TV series starring Denzel Washington as an ex-black ops agent who runs afoul of the Russian mafia, who sends an equalizer of their own after the hero in the form of Teddy, played by – you guessed it – Marton Czokas.

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But who is Teddy? Is he really irredeemably evil? Is the enigmatic story The Equalizer tells about Teddy’s past true? You’ll find out some of the answers when you see The Equalizer in theaters later this month, but CraveOnline talked to Marton Czokas himself in Toronto to get them for you weeks in advance. Consider the flow of information… equalized.

The Equalizer premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, and arrives in theaters nationwide on September 26, 2014.

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