Troy Duffy Reveals Title and Plot of ‘Boondock Saints 3’

Boondock Saints

If you had told us that The Boondock Saints was still going to be a cult sensation 15 years after it came out, we wouldn’t have believed you. Troy Duffy’s over the top vigilante flick seemed like just another post-Quentin Tarantino riff at the time: perfectly fun but pretty similar to the legion of other crime/comedy/action movies making the rounds in the late 1990s. Maybe a little more Irish, but otherwise pretty familiar stuff. But boy, would we have been wrong. The Boondock Saints never went away, and still has plenty of fans buying t-shirts and keeping demand high for a third installment, which writer/director Troy Duffy assures us is coming, and now has an official title.

Troy Duffy announced the The Boondock Saints 3: Legion is more than just a title in a recent Facebook Q&A (via Flickering Myth). After the McManus Brothers (still played, we assume, by Sean Patrick Flannery and “The Walking Dead’s” Norman Reedus) go to prison, their notoriety spreads and legions of followers start taking to the streets enacting vigilante justice of their own. It sounds a little like the plot of Kick-Ass 2, actually. Let’s just hope it’s a hell of a lot better than that.

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Duffy didn’t specify when The Boondock Saints 3: Legion will be released, but he did say who has been responsible for the delay: Troy Duffy. “It’s my fault. It’s taken awhile…it’s cause I want to get it right.”

Troy, a little word of advice: as long as Clifton Collins, Jr. yells, “Ding dong, motherfucker!” again, you’ll be doing it right.


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