Exclusive Preview: Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter # 30

During the current “Mark of the Phantasm” storyline in Batman Beyond 2.0, the ugly secrets of the Batman family have finally come to light.

But in our exclusive preview from Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter # 30, Terry McGinnis aka the Batman of the future has bigger problems at the moment. The Jokerz have found a way to infect Vigilante with Joker venom and now he’s trying to kill Terry on the spot. To make things worse, the Phantasm is coming to finish the job herself.

Viewers of “Justice League Unlimited” may recall that the Phantasm was once hired to kill Terry’s parents when he was a child. While she ultimately refused to murder in Batman’s name, it doesn’t mean that she’ll be that merciful this time.





BMB2.030SF Cover

Writers Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel will team up with artists Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur and Nick Filardi on Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter # 30; which will be released on Saturday, August 23 via online outlets and directly through DC.