Bungie Writer Working on Destiny Is Leaving for Telltale’s Game of Thrones

Joshua Rubin has been hard at work helping to pen Destiny‘s many scenarios for two years now, but ahead of the game’s release it seems he’s come across an offer he can’t refuse: a chance to work on Telltale’s upcoming Game of Thrones series.

You can hardly blame the man for wanting to work on something he already loves, and he clearly adores Game of Thrones as a fictional work, regardless of any passions for Destiny.

It’s not Rubin’s first time hopping around, either. Not only has he held the position of lead writer at both Capcom and Visceral games, be he’s credited with writing the script for Assassin’s Creed II, the game which many consider to be the best in Ubisoft’s now-annual flagship franchise.

Still, a writer must always challenge himself, and it appears as though Rubin will do exactly that working on Telltale’s edition of HBO’s hugely popular show. Based on hugely popular books.

We don’t know everything about the upcoming Game of Thrones title from Telltale just yet, but we do know that it’s both point-and-click and slated to be released in episodes. George R.R. Martin himself said he wants “a Game of Thrones game to be made by a studio that knows how to create a thrilling and interesting story,” so who better than Telltale to deliver on that promise? I certainly can’t think of anyone.

Game of Thrones will put out its first episode later this year, so brush up on the TV show and books if you haven’t already. Or just consult Wikipedia.


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