Locke: Exclusive Blu-ray Clip

There aren’t a lot of movies out there with starring only one actor (yes, fine, Robert Altman’s Secret Honor, but come on… it’s rare). If you make one, that actor had better be absolutely freaking amazing. Fortunately for Academy Award-nominated writer/director Steven Knight (Eastern Promises), he got one for his new movie Locke. Tom Hardy from The Dark Knight Rises and Inception stars as the title character, who gets in his car and just keeps driving as the story unfolds around him in one phone call after another.

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Locke arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on August 12, 2014, and we scored a CraveOnline Exclusive clip from the home video release’s special features. Watch as Tom Hardy and Steven Knight reveal some of the work that went into making an experimental film like Locke work, and pry it open for yourself at home this week.

From the Press Release:

Ivan Locke (Hardy) is a man at the top of his game. A dedicated husband and father and a star employee at a high-powered construction firm, he’s the model of cool professionalism with a talent for managing complex situations. Driving home on the eve of the biggest challenge of his career, Locke makes a sudden choice to go confront the only situation in his life that can’t be neatly handled. He quickly learns that the cost of becoming a better man is high. Locke is a unique cinematic experience and gripping story of choices, consequences and a man who risks everything he holds dear in order to do the right thing.