Second Look: Superior Spider-Man # 32

Get ready for the return of the Superior Spider-Man!

Or more accurately, an untold story about Doctor Octopus’ time in Peter Parker’s body. Way back in Superior Spider-Man # 19, Doc Ock arrogantly knocked out Spider-Man 2099 and he was unable to prevent a temporal disaster from taking place. As a result, the Superior Spider-Man disappeared into the timestream until he was rescued by Horizon Labs.

While Peter Parker has since reclaimed his life as Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man # 32 is returning next week with the story of what happened to Doc Ock during those missing hours. Writers Dan Slott and Christos Gage are reteaming with Giuseppe Camuncoli and inker John Dell for an oversized issue that also features artist Adam Kubert.

In this first look from Marvel Comics, Doc Ock finds himself in a very familiar future. And for once, Doctor Octopus doesn’t have the technological edge.

Superior Spider-Man # 32 will be released next Wednesday, August 6 as part of the lead up to Spider-Verse. So I’d say that that chances are pretty good that we’ll see Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus face off again in the near future.


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