First Look: Guardians of the Galaxy # 18

Guardians of the Galaxy is going to take the number 1 box office slot this weekend, but there was a time when the Guardians of the Galaxy comic had run its course.

Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning created the modern day Guardians of the Galaxy back in 2008 and wrapped up their adventures with The Thanos Imperative crossover event in 2010. The short version is that the Guardians and the rest of the Marvel Universe went to war against the “Cancerverse,” which was a universe where death was extinct.

During their trip to the Cancerverse, Drax was killed by Thanos, before Star-Lord and Nova (Richard Rider) decided to sacrifice themselves by keeping Thanos occupied while the Cancerverse collapsed in on itself.

Sometime later, Brian Michael Bendis brought back Star-Lord, Drax and Thanos within the pages of Avengers Assemble… but he skipped over the part about how Drax was still alive and how they escaped. However, the bigger mystery was about the fate of Richard Rider. What happened to Nova in the Cancerverse?

Next month’s Guardians of the Galaxy # 18 is finally going to deal with that lingering plotline as part of the Original Sin event. Joining Bendis for this tale is artist Ed McGuinness, as the Guardians learn that both Thanos and Star-Lord have been lying about what happened to Nova.

Guardians of the Galaxy 18 page 1

Guardians of the Galaxy 18 pages 2 and 3

Guardians of the Galaxy 18 Cover

And check out the Alex Ross variant cover that features the classic Guardians of the future along with their present day counterparts.

Guardians of the Galaxy 18 Alex Ross Cover

Guardians of the Galaxy # 18 will be released on Wednesday, August 27.