NBA Free Agency Roundup: Lance Stephenson Signs With Hornets

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game 6

Although he was reportedly offered a deal by the Pacers for more money, free agent Lance Stephenson has accepted a three-year $27 million contract with the Charlotte Hornets.

The Michael Jordan-owned club grabbed the 23-year old with a contract for less years but more money per year than the Pacers were willing to give. The Larry Bird-owned team offered five years, $44 million.

Stephenson led the league in triple-doubles last year but mostly made headlines for blowing in LeBron’s ear during the Eastern Conference Finals this past spring. Basically Stephenson is an immature talent who is on the rise and the Hornets are grabbing him before he reaches the apex of his full potential. 

What this means for the Hornets

The former ‘Bobcats’ are better, and will be for the next three years… as long as Stephenson matures. No more fights with teammates during practices. No more blowing in player’s ears during games. No more, dare I say, kid-ding around. The guard is only 23-years-old and averaged nearly 14 points and 7 rebounds per game last season. He could blossom into an All-Star, but he will only helpsthe team if he learns to be a real team-player. 

What this means for the Pacers

They lose what could very well have been the key piece to an NBA title run in 2015. Paul George can’t do it by himself. They’ll have to sign another guy in an attempt to fill the void that’s been left. Chicago looks better by the day.

A complete updated list of the teams and players moved during 2014 NBA free agency can be found here. 

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.