Did Ron Vlaar’s Penalty Against Argentina Cross the Line?


Ron Vlaar’s unsuccessful first penalty for Holland in their World Cup semi-final match against Argentina was a sign of things to come, as the Dutch failed to defeat their rivals in the shootout. However, now that the dust has settled on Holland’s World Cup exit, many have examined the footage once again and are now questioning whether the ball did make its way into the goal after Sergio Romero saved it.

After goalkeeper Romero tipped the ball away, it curled back towards the goal as the Argentinean was celebrating. As it made its way onto the goal line, Vlaar appealed to the referee, who denied his claim that the ball had made its way into the net. The below video footage certainly seems to suggest that the defender had a point.

However, further video footage from behind the goal shows that Vlaar’s penalty failed to cross the line, though was only millimeters away from doing so.

Holland’s loss to Argentina in the penalty shootout came after a 0-0 stalemate, in which both teams failed to mount an aggressive offense. As Argentina has now progressed to the final, they’ll be looking to significantly up their game in order to defeat the powerful German side, who are fresh off their ludicrous 7-1 victory over Brazil. Holland’s will face Brazil next in order to determine which team will come in third place.

 Photo: Getty Images