24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY Episode 11 Recap

24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY Episode 11

Episode Title: “Day 9: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM”

Writers: Robert Cochran & David Fury

Director: Jon Cassar

Previously on “24: Live Another Day”:

Episode 10

It’s hard to believe that “24: Live Another Day” is almost over, and no one knows if it will be back again. “Live Another Day” hasn’t been a huge ratings blockbuster and at times it feels like a retread of “24’s” Greatest Hits.

But Jack Bauer. Seriously, it’s almost worth the clunky writing just to see Kiefer Sutherland doing what he does best. No one has been able to create a TV action hero half as compelling as Jack, although the guys on “Strike Back” are the best of the rest.

The penultimate “24: Live Another Day” lies ahead, so consider this your SPOILER WARNING!

 Night of the Living Russians

Last episode, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski) were taking a leisurely drive to recover the Override device when some Russians ambushed them and took out their car. But between Bauer and Lady Bauer, the Russians didn’t last long or even come close to hitting them before their CIA backup arrived.

In the confusion, Cheng Zhi (Tzi Ma) and his men slipped away with Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) as their hostage. Fortunately, Chloe made a recording of Cheng’s voice which allowed Jack to realize who their true enemy was. At the same time, the CIA agents figured out how the Russians were tracking Jack and they traced it back to White House Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau (Tate Donovan).


It’s a shame that Fox and SKY didn’t consider doing a crossover between “24” and “Strike Back,” considering that Jack Bauer was on their home turf. But we get the next best thing as “Strike Back” star Philip Winchester guest stars as a high ranking U.S. military official. For those of you keeping track at home, Colin Salmon was the first actor from “Strike Back” to appear this season.

Back to the plot, the Chinese President is unmoved by President James Heller (William Devane) when he explains that Cheng used the Override device to attack the Chinese military ship. When Heller can’t produce proof of Cheng or his device, the Chinese take aggressive actions in their buildup to a war with the United States.

And so far, China is winning because Heller doesn’t want to escalate the situation.

 “Kill Him”

Audrey Heller (Kim Raver) does not take it well when she learns that Cheng is alive. So, Audrey surprises Jack when she tells him to kill Cheng when he tries to break the news about Mark’s betrayal. It’s actually a really hilarious moment.

It should be noted that Cheng actually is working with the Russians and their operative, Anatol Stolnavich (Stanley Townsend). At first it seemed like Jack and Kate were just guessing about the level of Russian involvement with the plot, but Stolnavich’s presence confirms that crazy theory.

 Mark of Betrayal

Jack makes it back to the U.S. government’s compound and he violently confronts Mark in front of the President. Mark confesses to forging Heller’s name on Jack’s rendition order and to giving Stolnavich the CIA tracking codes that allowed his men to find Jack. Heller angrily tells Mark that he’s going to be arrested for treason.

However, Jack has a better idea. He wants to use Mark to get close to Stolnavich in what amounts to a suicide mission. Mark not only agrees, he doesn’t even try to bargain his way out of trouble.

The Escapist

But Chloe can beat that. While Cheng and his tech guy go over their exit strategy, Chloe grabs an iron bar and whacks the hell out of her armed guards before jumping out of their vehicle… and just kind of rolling down an embankment to safety.

I’m not sure if this is Chloe’s finest moment since the time she fired an automatic weapon at terrorists or if it just means that Cheng’s men are the biggest screwups since that assassin who barely killed Jordan a few episodes back. Either way, Cheng and his men are forced to give up the search when the military passes by and Chloe is left unconscious in a ditch.

 The Ridiculous Redemption

Jack and Kate talk Mark through his mission to get inside of Stolnavich’s compound and get a good look at his security system. Mark does what he is told and he manages to make Stolnavich believe that he is defecting because Heller knows the truth about what he did. However, Mark’s story becomes less convincing when Jack and Kate burst into the compound and basically kill everyone they find that isn’t Mark or Stolnavich.

Mark ends up in desperate fight with Stolnavich over a gun and he somehow survives with very minor injuries despite Stolnavich’s size and strength advantage. Jack tries to keep Stolnavich alive long enough to talk, but he basically curses Jack before dying. It was all for nothing.

 Why Is This Clandestine Meeting Outside?!

To prevent the war, Audrey had a plan of her own. A female friend from the Chinese embassy knew Audrey from the time when she was trying to get Jack out of China. But for some f***ing reason, these two women hold a meeting out in the open instead using a relatively secure location. This is what Safe Houses are for, people!

Audrey’s friend seems willing to present the intel on the Override device to her father in the hopes that it will de-escalate the situation. But moments later, Audrey’s friend and her Secret Service escorts are taken out by a sniper. Audrey then receives a phone call from Cheng telling her to stay put. She’s his new hostage.


Well then, I guess we’re going there. For next week’s season finale, it’s Jack vs. Cheng for the fate of Audrey, the world and that damn Override device. One way or the other, it’s end of the road for Jack Bauer, barring another miniseries or movie in the future.

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