Watch Gameplay Footage of Gears of War Developers’ New Game Fortnite

A new video for Gears of War developer Epic's upcoming game Fortnite has been revealed, showing off some of its third-person, tower defense action.

Fortnite marks a change of pace for Epic Games, with it being a co-op survival game that features cartoony, Team Fortress-esque visuals that are a far cry from the blood-drenched GoW series.

The gameplay footage shows off the sandbox aspects of the game, including fort construction, something which Epic is pushing to the forefront. Players will be able to build their own bases in Fortnite, defending them from the advancing hordes of monsters that want to bring them crumbling down.

Fortnite will also mark Epic's first use of the Unreal Engine 4, so expect it to be awfully pretty.

You can sign up for the Fortnite alpha right here.