Exclusive Preview: Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 24

At the beginning of the “Justice Lords Beyond” crossover storyline, Terry McGinnis aka the Batman in Batman Beyond found himself trapped in the Justice Lords timeline while the Justice Lords traveled to his world and took out most of the League.
Back in the Justice Lords timeline, Terry narrowly survived a battle with Lord Superman and he encountered another version of himself who had once been a Joker. Terry also found the Lord Batman Beyond suit left behind by the late Bruce Wayne of the alternate timeline.
In this exclusive preview of Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 24, Terry is back in his own timeline to confront Lord Superman. But the evil Man of Steel isn’t going down without a fight
BMB2.024SF Cover
Kyle Higgins and Thony Silas bring the “Justice Lords Beyond” story towards its end in Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 24; which will be available online and through DC directly on Saturday, July 5.