German Soccer Star Disses Obama, U.S. in Post-World Cup Match Tweet

Mesut Ozil

You never want to make blanket statements about an entire nation of people, many of whom are probably fine, upstanding, hard-working folks just like you and me.

But it's easy to come away from Thursday's U.S.A.-Germany match at the FIFA World Cup convinced that Germans can be serious dicks sometimes.

As the Americans' 2-1 loss can attest, Team Germany is a heavy World Cup favorite for a reason — they're pretty damn good.  So it's difficult to fault German midfielder Mesut Ozil for telling reporters before the match that his squad was "going to win."

It wasn't bragging.  It was confidence.

But after the game, Ozil decided to continue antagonizing their defeated rival.

As re-posted by Crave sports site NESN, New York Times writer Doug Mills tweeted a photo of President Barack Obama watching the game from Air Force One. Since the TV screen happened to be featuring a shot of Ozil at the time of the pic, Ozil decided to re-post the image and take the opportunity to rub the victory in America's face a little bit.


Hehe 😉 #GER #Özil #DFBTeam "@dougmillsnyt: President Obama watches the USA vs Germany World Cup game #worldcup"

— Mesut Özil (@MesutOzil1088) June 26, 2014


Super classy, Mesut.

And of course, that little bit of fine sportsmanship came just days after Ozil's fellow midfielder Mario Götze launched some pretty anti-American rhetoric of his own during a radio interview Tuesday.  After revealing some…odd…feelings about Germany's involvement in World War II, Götze punctuated his U.S. hate talk with a robust "F*** the USA!"

Word of advice to Herrs Ozil and Götze: you may win the World Cup, but you're coming off like Grade-A douchebags on the world stage so you may want to take it down a notch. 

And Mesut…what country was it that invented Twitter anyway?  Just an innocent question…