NBA Draft 2014: Andrew Wiggins’ Suit Steals Show

You think you know fashion? No. No, you don't.

Trends in fashion change like people change underwear. Well, the way 'clean' people change underwear. We're talking to you, Ke$ha.

Often you will see these trends heightened by celebrities where they will wear an absurd outfit often designed by someone named Donatello Vesa Danichi and embarrassingly imitated by some obsessed fan on Instagram. Well, No. 1 overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins didn't need a Hollywood premier to dress like, well … I don't even know what to call it…

wiggins suit

Wiggins, the first pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers Thursday night, wore this ridiculous get-up.  The only thing missing from that suit is that old bag of bones, Joan Rivers, drooling over it as she fumbles her dentures. Seriously, that suit looks like the same exact suit that Steve Martin wore in The Three Amigos while somehow resembling my 85 year old grandmother's couch that's covered in plastic and raisins.

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It's a bold suit, that's for sure. Its a drastic change in style from the suits of 10-20 years ago. Who knew dressing like Steve Urkel-hipster would be considered 'cool?'

2014 NBA Draft

But does this wacky suit take the cake? Is it among the worst ever? Almost, but not quite. My investigation uncovered these stone cold facts:

The worst suits at the NBA draft of the past 20 years.

5. Samaki Walker – 1996 NBA Draft

There is no way you will ever convince me that Samaki Walker did not work as a pimp during the NBA offseason. They don't just sell pimp suits to the public. That's something earned, playa.

4. Joakim Noah – 2007 NBA Draft

Joakim Noah is a rather whimsical and eccentric character, isn't he? A clown suit for a clown.

2007 NBA Draft
3. Jalen Rose – 1994 NBA Draft

You'll be hard pressed to find a suit that looks more 90s than the one Rose wore the night he was drafted by the Nuggets. Rose wore a loud, baggy, red pinstriped suit which looked like something Will Smith would have worn in Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The tie? That is legend. I'm about 99 percent sure that Rose's tie design was the same as my parent's wallpaper back then.

2. Drew Gooden – 2002 NBA Draft

What is this? It has been 12 years since this dreadful suit burned our eyes and I still cannot believe this was an intentional design. Either Gooden sewed two bed skirts together and decided to wear it as a jacket or he set out to hide how many buttons he had on that jacket.

1. Tim Thomas – 1997 NBA Draft

Thomas played for seven different teams throughout his NBA career. Coincidentally, his suit at the '97 draft appeared to be seven sizes too big for him. You would think an agent would give him enough money for a designer suit that fits. Nope. Instead Thomas' suit fit him as if stole it from Sherman Klump's closet.

NBA Draft

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