First Look: Amazing Spider-Man # 4

The first issue of the recently relaunched Amazing Spider-Man series revealed that Peter Parker wasn’t the only one bitten by the radioactive spider on that fateful day. One of his female classmates also received the bit and the powers that came with it.
This week’s Amazing Spider-Man # 3 revealed a few additional details about Silk, so consider this your minor spoiler warning. We now know that Silk’s real name is Cindy, she has a younger brother named Albert and she’s been held in semi-voluntary exile by Ezekiel, a character who hasn’t appeared since the J. Michael Straczynski Amazing Spider-Man run… mostly because Ezekiel was killed off there. Keep in mind, Ezekiel had spider powers of his own.
Marvel has released a preview of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man # 4 by Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos. In these pages, the events of Original Sin finally catch up to Spider-Man and the secret of Silk’s existence will be revealed. 
Amazing Spider-Man # 4 will be released in July.