VIDEO: Matt Joyce Hits Ball Back Into Pitching Machine in 1-in-a-Million Shot

Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Matt Joyce is hitting .266 this season.  Not horrible, but Joyce is definitely not lighting the world on fire with his stick.  Therefore, it seems likely that if you gave Joyce a thousand…no, a million attempts to replicate what he did Thursday during batting practice, he wouldn't come close to pulling off this trick again.

In this video posted to Crave sports site NESN, watch as the automatic pitching machine shoots out a ball, which Joyce bounces perfectly back into the machine, which fires the returned ball again like Joyce meant to do that.

Yes, it's a completely freak occurrence that Joyce or anyone else would have expected, but it's still pretty amazing to see with your own eyes.

However, we're actually a little pissed at Joyce that he wasn't paying attention to the second pitch.  About the only thing that could have made this weird stunt any cooler was if he'd ripped that second pitch into the seats.