First Look: All-New X-Men # 29

During the X-Men: Battle of The Atom event, a new Brotherhood from the future traveled to the present and they nearly defeated the forces of all four X-Men teams. Now the Future Brotherhood is back (despite a few of their members seemingly dying the last time we saw them) and the combined strength of the All-New X-Men and the Uncanny X-Men hasn’t been enough to stop them.
In the closing moments of All-New X-Men 28, the young Jean Grey from the past found herself facing a combined psychic assault from Xavier, the brainwashed Stepford Cuckoos and even Jean’s adult self, Xorna! But while the rest of the New Charles Xavier School struggles with psychic assault of their own, the Future Brotherhood has overlooked X-23… and she ain’t happy.
All-New X-Men 29 Cover
Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen continue their story with All-New X-Men # 29, coming to comic shops on Wednesday, July 09.