Digital Extension For Season 5 Of The Listener – The Toby Logan Files Is Live

Fans of “The Listener” will be excited to know that the digital extension of Season 5 of the CTV show, “The Toby Logan Files,” is now live on CTV.

The digital series follows newly-installed Integrated Investigative Bureau’s Supervising Inspector Brian Becker (Anthony Lemke of “Lost Girl”) as he interrogates key characters from telepath Toby Logan’s (Craig Olejnik) past, in an effort to dig deeper into Toby’s suspicious crime-solving “face-reading abilities.” Unaware of Toby’s true gift, Becker doesn’t trust him – and he intends to get answers.

The digital episodes build on Becker’s storyline as he delves deeper into his investigation into Toby. The series also brings back fan favourites from the series such as evil mastermind Magnus Elphrenson (Peter Outerbridge, “Orphan Black”); faith healer Iris (Michelle Adams, “Murdoch Mysteries”); gang member Len Gazicki (Michael Mando, “Orphan Black”); and former IIB head Alvin Klein (Peter Stebbings, “The Borgias”).

The culminating sixth chapter of “The Toby Logan Files” is where Becker confronts Toby about his findings. It will be available following next Monday’s episode of “The Listener” on CTV at 9pm as Becker’s search ties into the plotline of episodes 503 (which aired this week), and 504 (which will be broadcast on June 16th).

You can watch the first five episodes of the digital series on CTV Extend.

Photo: The Listener/CTV


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