Top 3 MLB Prospects Waiting In Minors

With the Super Two deadline (for a quick refresher on the concept, read this) fast approaching, this is the time of year when those precocious young players who have been ripping through the minor leagues start to arrive in The Show in droves.

Looking to avoid player arbitration with some of their best prospects for an extra year, teams, especially small-market ones, have recently adopted the strategy (unofficially of course, so as not to anger the MLBPA) of keeping those prospects in the minors until after the deadline (which usually passes in early- to mid-June).

Once that deadline passes, however, we’ll see some of the minors’ best cracking the big leagues. Just last year, Gerrit Cole and Wil Myers were brought along this way before being thrust into the middle of pennant races. Here are some prospects that will likely be getting a call-up soon. You might want to leave a roster spot available for these guys and give them a long look in redraft leagues.

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Photo Credit: Getty