Michelle Obama & Richard Sherman Team Up Against $1 Menu

Super Bowl-winning cornerback Richard Sherman apparently felt that a good way of celebrating the hearty four-year, $57.4 million extension he got from the Seattle Seahawks was by teaming up with First Lady Michelle Obama to help promote healthy eating habits.

During the team’s recent visit to the White House, Sherman and Ms. Obama parodied the infamous interview he did with Erin Andrews following the NFC championship game in order to help promote the “Let’s Move” initiative.

Sherman plays himself, Ms. Obama assumes the role of Andrews and the questions are about salmon and corn instead of San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree.

Instead of patrolling the back of the endzone with time winding down, Sherman cooks up fish and vegetables prior to the interview.

"Well, let me tell you," Sherman shouts during the clip. "We the best chefs in the game. So when you try us with an easy meal like salmon cakes and succotash, that's the result you going to get."

The First Lady has a follow-up question that would’ve made Andrews proud:

“Wow, Richard, where’d you learn to do all this?” Ms. Obama asks. “I mean corn, succotash, salmon cakes…”

Sherman then closes in on an answer like it was one of those Peyton Manning “ducks” he discussed before the Super Bowl.  

"Well, Ms. Obama, I know how important it is for everybody to eat right,” he responds. “And whether you're a pro-athlete or just a kid at school wanting a healthy meal, you got to put the right fuel in your body in order to perform at your best.”

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and safety Earl Thomas also make appearances in the video, although running back Marshawn Lynch – who is just as famous for chugging Skittles as scoring touchdowns – is not featured in the health-themed clip. (Maybe that’s the real reason he didn’t go to the White House with the team…) 

Ms. Obama and Sherman weren’t the only ones to release a YouTube video about eating this week – although this one is far from healthy.

In the clip below, Peter “Furious Pete” Czerwinski houses a sandwich that supposedly contains every single item on the $1 menu at McDonald’s. That includes more than 5,000 calories worth of burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, cookies, pies, salad and parfait.

It kinda sounds better than corn, succotash, salmon cakes… Enjoy.

Evan Bleier is a freelance writer based out of wherever he can plug in his laptop. You can send him questions, comments and Buffalo wing suggestions @itishowitis or "like" CraveOnline Sports on Facebook.