Fan Of The Week: Young Rangers Casanova

It's customary in some ballparks to throw back a caught home run ball if the round-tripper was hit by the opposing team. My dad always told me that it's wise to bring a ball with you to the park, that way if you are lucky enough to catch that home run ball, you can keep the hit tater and throw back your decoy you brought to the park with you.


Evidently this rule of thumb also applies to young lads looking to score off a caught foul ball.

Our fan of the week goes to this young, slick Rangers fan who gave away his 'foul ball' to woo the blonde hottie sitting behind him. Watch closely.

This happened at the Jays-Rangers game last weekend. Not sure if the hot blonde caught on, but it looks like one of her friends mouthed "he kept it."

Considering the video has garnered more than 5.2 million views in less than a week, I'm sure the cat's out of the bag now. Still doesn't change the fact this kid is awesome for hitting on a girl 5-10 years older than he. 

You go little man. You go. 

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.