Godzilla: 5 Things We Learned

Godzilla 5 Things We Learned

Oh no, there went San Francisco… Here came Godzilla, the impressively successful new American version of the long-running and enormously popular series of Japanese kaiju movies about a fire-breathing Tyrannosaur type monster who both represented nuclear war and also the salvation of mankind. (It's an admittedly odd mix.) Godzilla had the biggest opening day grosses of the year and blew the competition away with an estimated opening weekend gross of $93 million, but audiences seem divided about whether it was totally awesome or a big let down.

How did this discrepancy come about? It's not too hard to come to certain conclusions about Godzilla and its aftermath, so take a look at the 5 Things We Learned From Godzilla and get ready to apply these lessons in your own life, the art of storytelling and the Hollywood hype machine as a whole.

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