Cole Whitt, Speed Stick Reveal Life of NASCAR Rookie

As a race car driver, it’s hard enough to work your up to the Sprint Cup Series. It’s difficult for fans to image the struggles necessary to make it through that first year as a full-time competitor on America’s most competitive high profile circuit.

Cole Whitt is no stranger to racing, but he is still considered a rookie as he powers weekend to weekend on the full Spring Cup Schedule. Speed Stick has followed him on some of his journey so far, documenting some of the challenges via video, and the men’s grooming product maker managed to set up some time for us to ask Whitt about the road to NASCAR and the challenges of sticking on the tour of speed.


Crave OnlineWhen did you get started in racing? What was the progression up to NASCAR?

Cole Whitt: I started racing go karts when I was eight years old. I moved up to USAC racing when I was 16. Then I moved to NASCAR and raced the truck series, followed the next year by Nationwide. And, this is my first full season of Cup racing.

What was the experience of your first Cup race? What did you fall back on to complete the run?

I just learned that these guys are the best of the best for a reason. I just tried to remember all I have done to get this far and do the best I can.

What’s your fitness routine to prepare for the race?

I do cross-fit training. Nothing special, just the normal programing at our gym. I also do a lot of biking and I’m pretty active outdoors.

In your first full season, what race are you most looking forward to in 2014?

I look forward to the road course races the most. They are the most fun to me.

Who do you keep an eye out for in the rear view?

No one really. I try to keep as many as I can back there, but I race people the way they race me.

Tell me about the Men’s Speed Stick GEAR documentary that was filmed in Daytona.

It is really cool to see. It follows me as I prepare to try and make my first Daytona 500. There is a lot of drama and it is 100% real. Gives you a little behind the scenes view of what I go through as a driver for that race. It really gives you a feel for the intensity of the situation we were in. See it for yourself.