Fan Of The Week: Bakersfield Hero Cat

Cat videos have been an internet staple for years. However, the one that surfaced out of Bakersfield, Calif. this week has outdone them all, garnering more than 16 million views and international recognition in a matter of hours.

You’ve seen the video — boy gets mauled by dog; house cat scares away dog, saving boy. Because of the terrifying yet incredible incident captured by surveillance cameras, “Tara” is being proclaimed as a hero.

Just in case you’re the one person on planet Earth who hasn’t seen the raw footage yet, here is Tara in action, saving 4-year-old Jeremy Triantifilo:

This story also has the 911 call involved.

As it turns out, Tara is also a big baseball fan.

According to the Bakersfield Blaze (Single-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds), Tara will be throwing out the first pitch this coming Tuesday, May 20 at their next home game against the Lancaster Jethawks.

Will Tara be able to toss a proper two-whisker fastball? Only time will tell…

…To celebrate what a truly well-loved animal can do, and hopefully to assist in placing animals in loving homes, the Blaze are offering half price tickets to any fan bringing unused animal toys or unopened animal food to the Tuesday, May 20th game.

All food and toys collected will be donated to a local animal charity or shelter, to be selected by Blaze representatives with the help of the Triantafilo family and corporate partners at Petco.

So this cat saves lives and can throw a fastball? How can she not be this week’s fan of the week?!

I mean, what’s next? Court side seats with Nicholson? A trip to the White House? Outer space?!

Note: we expect Tara might have some help with her family on that fastball come Tuesday.

[UPDATE] Tara will now also be dropping the puck at the Bakersfield Condors game Friday night. The Condors are the ECHL minor league hockey affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers who are in the Western Conference Finals.


Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.