Exclusive Preview: Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 20

In the current “Justice Lords Beyond” storyline in Justice League Beyond 2.0, the infamous Justice Lords have returned to the prime timeline. But in Batman Beyond 2.0, the future Batman, Terry McGinnis has found himself trapped in the Justice Lords’ timeline.
After his arrival, Terry had a bizarre team up with the Terry McGuinnis of that world, who used to be one of the Jokerz. Now facing a gang of Jokerz on the Wayne estate, the real Terry has discovered something that the late Bruce Wayne of this world left behind: a highly advanced version of the Batman Beyond suit. 
DC Comics has passed along an exclusive preview of this week’s Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 20, which finds both versions of Terry fighting back to back as they discover what Lord Batman Beyond can do.
BMB2.020SF Cover
Kyle Higgins and Thony Silas continue their run with Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 20, which will be available this Saturday, May 10 via the DC Comics app and on readdcentertainment.com