NFL Draft 2014: Jadeveon Clowney Taken No. 1

After months of speculation as to whether the Texans might trade their top pick or possibly take home-state quarterback Johnny Manziel, many feel Clowney, the 2012 SEC Defensive Player of the Year, was the best player the Texans could have taken off the board.

Following the pick, ESPN NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper said Clowney is the best defensive end to be drafted since Bruce Smith in 1985.

ESPN reporter Suzy Kolber spoke with Clowney following his selection. The South Carolina product said he was nervous, really wondering who the Texans were going to pick. He then said, “I’m glad to be a part of the organization. I’m ready to get to work and play some football…It’s a great moment for me and my family… and I’m just glad I can take care of my mom.”

You’re about to make millions, Jadeveon. Take care of yo momma!

And just in case you forgot how badass Clowney is…

Kinda of makes “that’s a clown question, bro” take on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it Bryce Harper?

6-foot-5 UCF quarterback Blake Bortles was the first QB taken off the board with the third overall pick to Jacksonville.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.