Floyd Mayweather Not Impressed With Manny Pacquiao’s Win

Upon answering the first questions regarding the Filipino boxer, Mayweather did give Pac-man a “congratulations,” before proceeding to talk about what he saw in Pacquiao’s championship victory over Timothy Bradley April 12.

“I did watch the fight.. I haven’t’ seen Pacquio fight in years…I think whoever he’s working out with definitely needs to make a lot of changes… I think he’s worried more about how he looks on the scale rather than how he performs in the ring.”

The most memorable quote was when Mayweather said he thought both Bradley and Pacquiao fought like amateurs.

“I think Bradley went out there and fought his heart out but he was throwing shots like an amateur. I think he was very fatigued early on, making a lot of mistakes… I think both fighters fought like amateurs. I think Pacquiao fought like an amateur also. I wasn’t pleased with his performance… I don’t see the same pop in Pacquiao’s shots. .. he’s getting tired where he wasn’t getting tired before…I’m seeing something totally different. Where as with me, I’m still sharp, I’m still smart, still packin”

Mayweather also said that he doesn’t think a Pacquiao vs. Canelo Alvarez fight will happen, but if it did he would pick Alvarez to win.

Mayweather vs. Maidana, aka “The Moment,” is scheduled for May 3 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas live on SHOWTIME pay-per-view.

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Photo Credit: Getty


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