7 Funny Episodes Of Commentary On

Life is full of painful moments, like bad first dates and ruining someone’s party. What if you could relive those moments and record a DVD-style commentary track to explain what happened? This funny web series does exactly that, and without the annoying trailers you can’t skip past. Here are 7 funny episodes of Commentary On:


Commentary On: Worst Guy At A Party

We good? No, I think we not good.


Commentary On: A Bar Fight

You wouldn’t hit a man wearing another man’s glasses, would you?


Commentary On: A First Date

To be fair, wrinkly skin is delicious.


Commentary On: Boyfriend Envy

Vive la Eiffel Tower!


Commentary On: Sexual Tension

I think they’re into each other, but it’s hard to tell.


Commentary On: Hooking Up At A Party

They’re in hookup Groundhog’s Day.


Commentary On: Getting Too High

The lesson? Never eat brownies without consulting an adult.


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy book series.


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