Fabled Megalodon Shark Discovered in Battlefield 4, Does Not Dissapoint

Be it GTA V‘s sealed extraterrestrial ciphers or the fabled megatooth shark of Battlefield 4, there are few ways to render gamers more awestruck than when such mysteries are finally unraveled. In the case of the aforementioned Megalodon, the discovery was less a slow unriddling and more an elephantine smack to the face, complete with explosions and rows of sharpened, deadly teeth. I’m not exaggerating, either; the shark actually appears to explode at one point. Good stuff, DICE. Good. Stuff.

The Megalodon sure has a lot of dolphin-like moves in his arsenal for a supposed killer, and it was the jackfrags YouTube channel that secured recorded evidence first. The player is seen minding his own business in a helicopter (and by that I mean explicitly searching for the Megalodon), when suddenly, WHAM–massive shark leaping through the air. This was followed by a number of subsequent leaps, each more gracefully menacing than the last. It really is an awesome sight to behold, so check it out below.

If you’re hoping to hunt a Megalodon of your own, strap on your ivory peg-leg and get your crew down to Nansha Strike, which is part of BF4’s Naval Strike DLC. Rumor has it that DICE added the Megalodon once rumors of its existence has already circulated, and though that may be disenchanting for some, I find it makes the story even better. It’s fun when developers listen and partake in player theories instead of just shooting them down, so in that sense it’s almost touching.

It remains to be seen what other easter eggs still hide in BF4‘s no-doubt telling code, but the Megalodon will certainly be hard to top. I’d be content with some friendly dolphins, unless DICE wants to get even more extreme and add a T-Rex or something. Battlefield Jurassic Park? Yes please.