Report: Electronic Arts in for Titanfall 2; Not an Xbox Exclusive

Video games are pretty much like the film industry now — developers can’t get a game out the door and into gamers’ hands before talk of a sequel starts exploding on the interwebs.

And since Crave is here to feed that gamer hysteria, try this on for size: Electronic Arts is reportedly already on board for Titanfall 2, which, unlike Titanfall, won’t be restricted to only Microsoft platforms.

Industry chatter reported by GameSpot and Polygon, then amplified by Crave gaming site Destructoid, indicate Titanfall sales have been strong enough to get the sequel into production — and when it comes, it won’t be for only the Xbox One, Xbox 360 or your PC.

PS4 owners shouldn’t quite clear shelf space just yet, however — EA is holding their cards close to the vest so far on a Titanfall 2, saying only through a representative, “We do not comment on rumor or speculation.”

Rumor, to be sure…but a juicy rumor, nonetheless.


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