Fantasy Baseball: Average Draft Position – ESPN vs Yahoo

Each site creates separate projections, analysis, and rankings. If you favor one set of expert opinion over the other then you can exploit that knowledge at the other site.

I took the average draft position (ADP) for both Yahoo and ESPN and looked for big differences between the two lists. If there is a guy you especially like, this may give you a heads up of when to draft them.

Players Yahoo Drafted Earlier:

NOTES: It may not look at like much, but Bryce Harper is going first round in Yahoo, and ESPN drafters are taking him near the back of the second round. If you believe in Billy Hamilton’s speed potential like Yahoo owners do, then you can “steal” the next Vince Coleman in ESPN leagues. He’s being taken a whopping 66 picks earlier. ESPN analysts have been a bit cautious with Starling Marte’s high BABIP last year. Maybe their readers are reflecting that in the picks and don’t read Yahoo. A round and a half difference is pretty eye-opening for Gio Gonzalez, Jordan Zimmerman, Mat Latos, and Gerrit Cole. ESPN’s mantra of “don’t pay for saves reflects in their readers taking Koji Uehara and Trevor Rosenthal. In Uehara’s case, I haven’t seen Yahoo warn of his age.

Players ESPN Drafted Earlier:

NOTES: I believe in Kyle Seager, so do ESPN readers. I’ve been stealing him in Yahoo leagues. Ian Kinsler seems like a big reach at 37th overall for an aging second baseman. Maybe that’s why Yahoo drafters are taking him thirty picks later. Is Edwin Encarnacion a late first rounder in ESPN or late second rounder in Yahoo? If you trust ESPN, then steal Brandon Phillips (4 rounds later), Elvis Andrus (3.5 rounds later), and Ben Zobrist (almost 2 rounds later) for your middle infielder in your Yahoo leagues. ESPN relies heavily on FanGraphs for its projections, so I tend to trust them when it comes to the imports like Jose Abreu and Masahiro Tanaka.  After all these years, it seems odd there is a split in projections of what to expect from David Ortiz (pictured above). If you can spare the DH spot, take him a whole round early in Yahoo if you trust ESPN.

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