SXSW 2014 VIDEO: Emmy Rossum & Paul Wesley on Before I Disappear

SXSW 2014: Before I Disappear – Interview with… by CraveOnline

Before I Disappear won't disappear any time soon. After our interview with writer/director/actor Shawn Christensen and his star Fatima PtacekCraveOnline scored time with their co-stars Emmy Rossum and Paul Wesley, who also produced the film.

In this video interview, Emmy Rossum and Paul Wesley talk about meeting on Grindr, getting Emmy Rossum on board to turn Curfew into Before I Disappear, drinking beer during the table read, why the original short film's Oscar win makes them feel even more pressure at SXSW, how Emmy Rossum's character has expanded from the short, how Paul Wesley wound up in jail as a kid and their hopes to find distribution for Before I Disappear.

We hope you'll get to see Before I Disappear​ in theaters soon!

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