SXSW 2014 VIDEO: Neil deGrasse Tyson on Cosmos

SXSW 2014: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey – Neil… by CraveOnline

"Cosmos" premiered on Fox and The National Geographic Channel earlier tonight. The new version of the classic non-fiction series from legendary scientist Carl Sagan is hosted by the already pretty legendary Neil deGrasse Tyson, a famed astrophysicist whom laypeople know as a frequent guest on "The Daily Show." Tonight's episode revealed the origins of the universe, from the Big Bang to the formation of life on Earth. Heavy stuff. But how do you bake an apple pie?

CraveOnline's own Nash Herrington talked to Neil deGrasse Tyson at SXSW 2014 and asked for the new "Cosmos" presenter's take on Carl Sagan's classic recipe, how they dramatize nearly unfathomable scientific concepts on television, which moment in the history of the universe he would like to have witnessed and which movie or TV show got their scientific information so wrong that it drives him nuts. Neil deGrasse Tyson cheated a bit: he picked a radio play, but he does get one final dig in at Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

"Cosmos" will continue to air for 13 episodes on Fox and its affiliates.

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