Oscars 2014 VIDEO: Melissa Howland Takes the Peeps Challenge

In the final piece of our Oscars 2014 coverage – seriously, it's the last one, we promise – we present the culmination of  William Bibbiani's and Melissa Howland's 2014 Oscars Showdown. Last week, Bibbs and Melissa competed to see who could accurately predict the most Oscar winners, and it was a close one: Bibbs predicted 16 categories correctly, and Melissa came in just three behind with 13. She was in the lead too, but she predicted that The Wolf of Wall Street would win in several of the top categories that the Academy saves for last, and what we say? Martin Scorsese failed her. So, thanks to Martin Scorsese, the shining star of We Are Movie Geeks now has to take… The Peeps Challenge.

What is The Peeps Challenge? Melissa Howland has to try to eat 24 Marshmallow Peeps in 5 minutes without throwing up. It's harder than it sounds: you may not know this, but Peeps expand in your stomach. Melissa blows the time limit but soldiers on anyway, eating all 24 Peeps and looking completely miserable while she's doing it. Poor lady. 

If you feel like Bibbs got off light, don't worry: last year he had to eat three whole lemons. Have you ever tried eating three, whole, raw lemons without water? Bibbs lost some tooth enamel that day, we're sure of it.

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Peeps Showdown Melissa Howland