Did This Psychotic Stony Brook Fan Go Too Far?

Frank Sullivan and Eric Frede are the commentators you see below in the video prefacing the America East regular season finale between Stony Brook (N.Y) and Albany. I'm sure they've done broadcasts just like it a million times — only they've never had the challenge of putting up with a fan mid-convo quite like this:

You have to give the kid credit for creativity. Not only was this Stony Brook student (I"m assuming/hoping he's a student?) able to bring in a professional quality poster-board of himself, but he was able to manufacture and copy the exact same look on his face. I just hope his drug of choice was caffeine….let's be honest, he had to have been on something…

Also major credit to Sullivan and Frede for not losing it on camera.

Stony Brook won 73-68.

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